Cleaning Up Your Front Yard

front_yardIf the yard needs cleaned, don’t hire a company to come and clean it. It is easy to clean the yard with a little time and effort.

After a storm or in the fall when the leaves fall off the trees, there might be limbs in the yard. Don’t mow over them because they can damage the blades on the mower. A good way to get rid of limbs quickly is to put them in a mulching machine. Rent a machine for about a day, and put all of the large limbs through it. Use the mulch in a flower garden or as decoration around steps. Small limbs can be thrown in the woods. A tree removal Columbus OH offers can help with large limbs as well.

Children have a tendency to leave toys in the yard. Instead of seeing the balls, jump ropes and other items, get a large storage box to place on a porch or in the garage. Set limits on how many toys children can play with at one time, and if the toys are not placed in the box after they are played with, then they are not to be used. Larger toys like bikes and scooters should be kept in a secure area so that they are not in the way of cars. A shed is a good location for larger toys, or they can be placed on a carport.

As people drive by the house, they will notice the grass in the yard. It is not necessary to mow it every other day, but it should be mowed at least once a week if it has rained frequently. Adjust the blade to a low setting so that the grass does not have to be mowed as often. Weed eat around the edge of the yard after mowing. If there are areas where a riding mower cannot get to, then use a push mower. A good weed killer is essential if there is poison oak or poison ivy in on the side of the yard. It can also be used on grass that grows in the driveway and in the cracks of sidewalks.

Some people might throw cans and other small items on the side of the yard while they drive by. If there is anything in the yard, try to pick it up as soon as possible. Start a collection of cans by walking down the road and picking up ones that are in other yards. Some recycling centers pay for cans. This will help improve the yards of everyone in the neighborhood, and others might join in as well.

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